The SOM Unit-01 is my genesis avatar series. Rigged, optimized, and ready for use in Somnium Space using Web, PC, or the VR Client. Each unit is custom textured with glowing runes that illuminate at night. The series is comprised of 10 unique variants: 6 Color Variants and 4 Legendary Avatar Units. Each NFT avatar is a 1/1 unique variant and no more of this series will ever be minted again. 9 of these avatars will initially be made available to the public, and the 10th avatar will be made available at some point after the initial sale has concluded.

View or Purchase

Each Avatar is now available on OpenSea courtesy of Somnium Space. Click the avatar you'd like more information for and view the current price, sale history, provenance, etc. If a particular Avatar you like is sold out, try making an offer to the current owner.