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Last Spring I was tasked with coming up with a new visual rebrand for my long time friends and client, Adventure Club. Wanting to try something new and take a step outside my typical 2D/3D animation realm, I sought to do a live video shoot incorporating the female form, projection mapping, and unique lighting styles. The challenge was to pull of the desired looks under a tight budget and figure out how to solve problems on the fly.

Working closely with my friend and baller photographer, Gilbert Sanchez, we coordinated the shoot, locked down our talented models and collaborators, and made some pretty awesome magic happen over the course of a 2 day shoot in Los Angeles. These stills are a series of frames taken from the video shoot and edited by myself. We’re looking to have them integrated into Adventure Club’s live show in 2019.

Special thanks to our incredible models, Janice Griffith and Amber Tacy. Our mind blowing dancers, Danielle Yasuda, Kelsey Guy, Anastacia Jacobs, Maritza Navaro, and Liv Mai. This shoot would not have been possible without the help and support of Wild Flora Design, Leighton James, Christian Srigley, and Jamie Rosenberg.