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Unreal Engine
Adobe After Effects


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For the release of her latest album, Neon Jungle, CloZee and team approached us to create an animated music video for her track, “Heya”. The creation of the video spanned a single month, and used a blend of game engine/ real-time workflows, as well as more traditional post-compositing for creating the final sequence.
To tackle this project, I collaborated with my long time friends and collaborators at Blunt Action studio. We utilized the magic of Unreal Engine to create a series of neon jungle environments that served as our foundation content, which was later manipulated and stitched into our envisioned narrative using Adobe After Effects.
The video won best animated music video and was featured at the Stuttgart Film Festival in Germany in 2021.

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05 / Credits

Client // CloZeeUnreal Engine Animation // Blunt ActionAnimation & Editing // Kyle GordonSpecial Thanks // Brandon Ginsberg (Red Light Management)