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2160 x 1620 Resolution
3 Layer Programmable NFT
67 Unique Layers


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When I first stumbled across the NFT space in mid 2020, one of the most interesting platforms I came across was Async Art. Using blockchain technology to make the creative experience more dynamic, Async allows creators to upload a multitude of programmable assets as NFTs, and collectors then have the ability to collect individual layers or complete artworks in order to have creative input over the Master artwork. For my genesis programmable NFT artwork, I separated my artwork, Fall From Grace, into 3 dynamic layers containing 34 unique backgrounds, 13 unique skins, and 20 unique hair/wires. With hundreds of possible combinations that are modifiable every day, this is one of my favorite artworks due to the fact it invites in collector participation and utilizes the blockchain as a unique creative medium.

All the layers and master artwork for Fall From Grace were acquired by Richard Kim in the Winter of 2021.

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NFT  //  01

Background Layers


Skin Layers

NFT  //  02
NFT  //  03

Hair & Wire Layers