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Following the success of the #CarbonDrop in early 2021, I was invited back to join the Open Earth Foundation for their 2nd art fundraiser, the Ocean Drop. Spanning several days during Art Basel Miami, the auctions took place on the SuperRare and DoinGud platforms. Through 23 NFTs featuring art by Nichole Buffet, Frenetik Void, POSTWOOK, Sara Ludy, and more, $130,000 was raised for the Open Earth Foundation to launch their new marine conservation initiative in 2022. These funds supported the research and deployment of blockchain based and digital solutions for improved management and protection of the world’s oceans.

For the fundraiser, I produced 2 pieces, Koi Koi and Infinity Koi

Ocean Drop WebsiteView Koi Koi NFTView Infinity Koi NFT